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Metaverse Treasure Hunt

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NOWHERE Treasure Hunt

185 people joined in for this international event that took participants on a metaverse treasure hunt featuring talks, DJs, presentations and a chance to win a new tablet.

Riddles distributed across the NOWHERE metaverse guided audiences through an exciting immersive expedition through multiple environments on the platform. Crypto Tokens were collected along the journey that ended with one winner arriving first at the end of the virtual circuit.

This event was organized in partnership with the NFT School ( and produced by Marcelo Shama. The sponsor sold 5 training courses within the 1 hour of the event. On average, each participant spent 95 min on the treasure hunt and over 300 connections were made between guests.

Immersive Experience Tips

Create a Journey :: Take your audience on an adventure; from the NYC skyline in The 6th Boro to an intimate showcase inside the Black Box Theater. Make the most of all the territory in your sector of the metaverse.

Customize Your Space :: Upload riddles as images, GIFs or audio files to your custom frames to help lead your guests through the immersive experience.  

Make it Live :: Showcase live talent along the way to add to the in-person vibes.

Showcase Great Content :: Premiere or showcase incredible slideshows, presentations, videos to engage your audience.

Host Well (Guide) :: Elevate the experience with a seasoned host, or emcee, to guide your guests through the metaverse expedition.

A few interesting use cases. What will you dream up?

Case studies

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