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OUr vision

Going out online is unremarkable. IF the metaverse is going to be anything other than about making money we need to find ways to make it easy for creators to build dynamic exciting experiences. Pre-recorded avatars shooting lasers out of their eyes is already old, boring, and misses the spark of a truly sublime gathering, concert or night out. NOWHERE delivers the power of real human connection with the play, adventure, possibility of the web's most advanced game engine. This is just the beginning.

Nowhere was established in early 2020 in response to COVID19 to connect humans in a time of unprecedented social distance.

On a clear crisp day in early March 2020 in NYC and spread across the globe, our creative community at The Windmill Factory started a Creative Response Slack Channel to explore how we could support. It was a scary time, there was much fear, so much unknown. We were gathering virtually, to share, collaborate, support various causes and each other but the virtual tools for gathering felt primitive.

We started asking, How can arts and culture thrive at a distance? Where is the watering hole, community center, or town square online? 

We had just spent 5 months designing the IRL launch of Eli Pariser's movement, New_Public, aimed at inspiring the creation of healthier public spaces online. We researched how to intentionally create digital town squares and social spaces that support democracy not hinder it. Eli reached out and tasked us to explore bringing what we had designed IRL to URL. It was hard to imagine the complex 48 hour IRL immersive experience across multiple venues in the Bay Area being possible digitally. But we took on the task and began testing various digital platforms. None of which inspired us, none provided us the agency or tools we would need to create a meaningful immersive experience so we decided to build our own.

NOWHERE continues to be built with a desire and dedication by a community of artists, architects and engineers that believe people can have inspiring collective experiences even when we are apart physically. We believe presence is larger than place and hope you'll join us on this mission. Grab your free space and start gathering your community NOWHERE.


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To deepen and excite human connection by revolutionizing virtual gathering.





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“Your platform is medicinal media. It's therapeutic. It gives organized serendipity and a higher likemindedness.”

Jon Cropper

Founder, Futurelogic


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