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Cash Money Records

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Cash Money Records used NOWHERE to guide members of the press through a series of new artists reels, giving their audience a first look at the emerging talents signed with the label. This virtual showcase gave Cash Money an exciting opportunity to engage press, influencers, and key industry executives to showcase new content. They took their audience on an exciting 60 minute journey through multiple worlds. Starting in the NYC's 6th Boro playing a Cash Money highlight video to set the vibe and welcome their guests. Next their emcee welcomed everyone and invited them to portal to the sleek minimal Black Box Theatre where they screened short preview videos by their new talent. The Emcee then surveyed the crowd for their feedback and favorites. Then they led them through a portal to The Base for networking and mingling with a custom photo booth for press and influencers.

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Create a Journey :: Takes your audience on an adventure; from the NYC skyline in The 6th Boro to an intimate showcase inside the Black Box Theater. Make the most of all the territory in your sector of the metaverse.

Make it Live :: Showcase the talent live with a live performance or Q&A.

Host Well (Guide) :: Elevate the experience with a seasoned host, or emcee, to guide your guests through your metaverse journey.

Customize Your Space :: Add images, GIFs to your custom frames to guide your guests, highlight your talent, and make it your own.  

A few interesting use cases. What will you dream up?

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