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CoinDesk Consensus

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Consensus by CoinDesk united professionals across the globe for an immersive virtual experience aimed at exploring the evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. During the conference, NOWHERE hosted key sponsor presentations and immersive networking sessions for all attendees. In between conference panels and keynotes guests would drop into NOWHERE to network and explore Sponsor spaces. Each Sponsor had their own Space to showcase their products and services with presentations and Q&A sessions. Coin Desk collaborated with our team to create a scavenger hunt throughout their spaces for the newly launched "Desk Coin", Coindesk's own cryptocurrency. Each day their would be a fresh drop of coins into various worlds for guests to discover and collect.

"Our audience loved it. 2D face-to-face time became 3D and our audience loved it!" - Stephanie Izquieta, Events Manager - Coindesk

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Encourage Connecting :: Welcome guests at the entrance and invite them to click on other's video pods to connect, exchange business cards, and keep track of their connections made in their Orbit -- your NOWHERE roladex easily found in the menu.

Welcome Lobby Space :: Inviting lots of new players to your event? Opening a Welcome Lobby Space will give new players a chance to feel welcome and learn the basics before entering the event. Having a greeter "at the door" can help your guests comfortably learn how to take their first steps in the metaverse.

Concentrate Your Guests :: Limit the number of open Spaces at any given time to concentrate your audience to create more buzz and interaction. Opening and closing Spaces throughout your event is a great way to keep your guests engaged by surprising them with exciting new worlds experiences.

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