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Madison McFerrin x Glasshaus Presents

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Glasshaus Presents is a running concert series welcoming celebrated artists to an intimate performance IRL and in the Metaverse. Using multi-camera capture and board mixing by Grammy-winning Marc Urselli, Glasshaus extended the intimacy of an exclusive concert with Madison McFerrin to a global audience using our Metaverse utility. For this concert, the livestream resided in NOWHERE where ticket-holders got exclusive access to vinyl records and other merchandise from Madison who sold $800 dollars worth of drip. At the end, Madison popped onto the virtual stage in NOWHERE to thank her fan's face-to-face and answer virtual questions.

#metaverse-livestream #vinylsales #MadisonMcFerrin

Gate your Experience :: Restrict access to the event with Spotify gating so only the truest fans can enter

Embed your Performance :: Upload the virtual performance to YouTube and then embedd it in-world using our Custom Frames

Integrate Media :: Link out to merchandise, social media accounts and other content using our Custom Frames too

A few interesting use cases. What will you dream up?

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