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Fernando & Sorocaba Concert

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Fernando and Sorocaba are a major country music duo from Brazil with millions of fans world-wide. To celebrate the founding of Jaguariuna in São Paulo, a concert was held for around 20,000 of the town's residence in real life. In order to let the rest of country participate live, the show was streamed in real time to NOWHERE where users could login no matter their location. Before going on stage, Fernando and Sorocaba invited their fans to join them in the Metaverse by posting direct invite links on their social media channels. Over 3,000 people participated in the virtual experience, with an average user time of 109 min each. Fans from every state in Brazil were able to come together and enjoy the live music from the comfort of their homes.

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Advanced Stream :: Give audiences high quality audio and video content from NOWHERE using the advanced streaming feature. Connect with OBS or another streaming software.

Post a Call to Action :: Create a video asset on social media where the talent explains what fans can expect and how to join in to drive attendance levels.

Prepare for Overflow :: Don’t leave anyone hanging outside your show. Prep your space to automatically redirect people to overflow spaces, expanding your event capacity to thousands.

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