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After powering the first chart eligible NFT, now Cirkay partners with metaverse platform Nowhere

June 27, 2022
by Andre Paine
After powering the first chart eligible NFT, now Cirkay partners with metaverse platform Nowhere

Cirkay recently made a big impression with the announcement of the first chart-eligible NFT.

Now the ecommerce firm is making a bold move into the metaverse with Web3 platform Nowhere. The face-to-face social platform enables metaverse experiences in three-dimensional environments, including music-based events such as festivals.

The partnership allows holders of Cirkay’s Fan Pass to access private metaverse spaces, where artists can hold meet and greets, premiere music videos, host online festivals and livestreams, or allow super fans to create their own gatherings in VIP areas.

Nowhere’s customisable three-dimensional environments can be designed to reflect the artist’s unique brand and creative identity.

Nowhere’s global head of strategic partnerships, Meredith Gardner, said: “Nowhere is thrilled to team with Cirkay, known for delivering incredible online experiences for artists and their fans, on their Fan Pass venture. Together we will be bringing exciting, immersive, virtual experiences to music fans worldwide. In collaboration with artists and their teams, we are excited to unlock new opportunities to connect fans and additional revenue streams.”

Cirkay co-founder Simon Scott said: “This is the first of many utility partnerships, and we’re excited to add Nowhere to our pioneering Fan Pass. These experiences will deepen the possibilities for artist-to-fan and fan-to-fan engagement in online environments. Everything we do at Cirkay is about valuing loyalty and allowing true fans to access content and experiences, whilst being able to authenticate their identity. Our goal is not to be a platform but to allow music fans to connect wherever makes sense to them.”

Fan Passes are sold from an artist ecommerce store or on the Cirkay Marketplace powered by Eluvio's eco-friendly blockchain technology.

As well as acting like an AAA pass, allowing entrance to exclusive metaverse experiences, the Cirkay Fan Pass is programmed to grant access to content which is stored on the blockchain.

Artists can open up their archives of high quality audio, 4K video, photography, eBooks, and more. Musicians can also have an ongoing fanclub-like connection, airdropping files, hosting 4K live streams, offering Fan Pass-only discounts, and more.

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After powering the first chart eligible NFT, now Cirkay partners with metaverse platform Nowhere

Andre Paine - Music Week

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