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NOWHERE and UPLAND Partner to Strengthen Community in the Metaverse

June 14, 2023

NOWHERE is announcing our partnership with Upland, the leading web3 Metaverse SuperApp, to bring to life the immersive concept of Cafes. Using NOWHERE’s technology, Upland’s 3 million players are now able to socialize with spatial audio, share screens or live stream, play games, and show off their 3D avatars. With this integration, players get an entirely new avenue to engage and monetize within the platform - Metaventure Cafes. These Cafes are location-based social spaces.

“Cafes are an exciting milestone in our vision to empower communities to easily socialize and share experiences with each other in Upland,” says Upland Co-Founder and Co-CEO Idan Zuckerman. “With this innovation, we are solidifying our position as a metaverse leader by deepening the opportunities that our communities and brand partners have to offer full 3D immersion, and Cafes are just the beginning. ”

Unique to Upland, Cafes are built on properties geo-located to the real-world Upland map. From these digitally constructed spaces, community members can enjoy a view of their local in-game streets, neighborhoods, and cities, including structures, map assets, structural ornaments, and cars. Upland’s community members enter Cafes with their ReadyPlayerMe avatar dressed in digital wearables, which are designed for self-expression from the extensive wearable library, which includes designs from various Upland brand partners. 

“We’re thrilled to bring our technology to Upland. It marks a milestone for the metaverse — you’re hanging out with people from all over the world inside an immersive cafe looking out on a player-generated virtual city mapped to the real world,” says NOWHERE Co-Founder and CEO Jon Morris. “We hope this will strengthen the community and look forward to the exciting opportunities which grow from this partnership.”

Leveraging NOWHERE’s cutting-edge 3D technology, players will soon be able to build, customize, and operate their own Metaventures on a global scale. By combining the most active and engaging virtual real estate game of Upland with NOWHERE’s visually stunning and easy to use virtual world platform, Upland + NOWHERE are poised to become the most active web3 metaverse on the planet.

The rise of the metaverse is reshaping how we interact and experience the digital world. This partnership between Upland and Nowhere is a testament to the transformative power of immersive 3D experiences, and the team is thrilled to invite all Uplanders to experience its latest ‘Cafe’ feature on its iOS and Android mobile apps and on the web.

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