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8 skills to build your own 3D world in NOWHERE

The Metaverse is rapidly becoming the future of entertainment, social interaction, and gaming. In the Metaverse, users can interact with each other in immersive and interactive virtual environments, creating unique and memorable experiences. One of the most exciting aspects of the Metaverse is the ability for users to create and customize their own virtual worlds. In this article, we'll cover how to build your own 3D world in the NOWHERE Metaverse using Blender, with a focus on using the plugin.

I. Setting up The Scene

Before we start building our 3D world, we need to set up the scene in Blender. Start by opening Blender and creating a new project. You'll need to download World Runner, the NOWHERE Plugin and the latest version of Blender that can be found here.

II. NOWHERE Plugin Overview

This plugin is designed specifically for creating content for the NOWHERE Metaverse, and makes it easy to export your 3D world as a GLTF object into the NOWHERE Metaverse. Again, you can download the plugin here.

III. Entities Panel

The Entities Panel is where you can add objects to your scene, including lights, cameras, and meshes. The plugin also allows you to add NOWHERE-specific entities, such as triggers and portals. Triggers are objects that can trigger events when players interact with them, such as playing a sound or teleporting the player to a different location within the NOWHERE space.

IV. Geometry Panel

The Geometry Panel is where you can modify the appearance of your objects, including their materials and textures. You can also adjust the physical properties of your objects, such as their mass and friction.

V. Dynamic Lights

Dynamic Lights are a great way to add realism to your 3D world. They simulate real-world lighting conditions, and can be used to create realistic shadows and reflections. The plugin supports dynamic lights, so you can easily add them to your scene.

VI. Animation Basics and Trigger Entities

Animation is a great way to add movement and interactivity to your 3D world. The plugin supports animation, and you can use it to create simple animations for objects, such as rotating or scaling. You can also use Trigger Entities to start and stop animations, creating interactive experiences for players.

VII. Clickable Meshes as Triggers

Clickable Meshes are a type of Trigger Entity that can be used to create clickable objects in your 3D world. When a player clicks on a Clickable Mesh, it can trigger an event, such as playing a sound or teleporting the player to a different location.

VIII. Animated Collision Meshes

Collision Meshes are used to detect collisions between objects in your 3D world. They can be used to create physical interactions between objects, such as a ball bouncing off a wall. Animated Collision Meshes are Collision Meshes that can be animated, creating complex and dynamic interactions.

IX. Final Texture Optimizations

Once you've built your 3D world, it's time to optimize it for the NOWHERE Metaverse. The Metaverse requires efficient and optimized textures to ensure smooth performance. You can use the Texture Optimizer tool in the plugin to automatically optimize your textures for the Metaverse.

In conclusion, building your own 3D world in the Metaverse using Blender and the plugin is a fun and rewarding way to hone your 3D modeling skills. With the tools and features provided by the plugin, you can easily create immersive and interactive virtual environments for players to explore.

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