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Nettwerk Music Group | EP Release Party

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Nettwerk Music Group + NOWHERE

Nettwerk Music Group used NOWHERE to host an EP Release party for lo-fi craftsmen goosetaf and boujibud. Attendee's were able to login and explore the custom produced spaced that was decked out with the artists' background info and links to merch and other assets for purchase. With the artist's present in the room, fans got to chat one-on-one with both of the lo-fi producers as they debuted their latest EP PRISMS.

Over the course of the hour long event, 105 players tuned in. The artist's link was scanned over 40 times and netted an extra 18 follows on Spotify. Metaverse listening parties are a great way to engage fans far and wide to share important moments together like celebrating recent projects or album drops.

Listening Party Tips

Set the Mood :: Before and after streaming the EP or album, broadcast a curated playlist to set the vibe for fans joining in.

Make it Live :: Showcase a surprise performance, or host a live Q&A for fans to ask their most pressing questions to the artists.

Show off Merch and other Media :: Link out the custom frames to merchandise, vinyls, and other media available for purchase.

Host Well (Guide) :: Elevate the experience with a seasoned host, or emcee, to make announcements to your guests throughout the evening.

Reward your Fans:: Add images, GIFs and other media to your custom frames that link out to exclusive content only accessible to fans who join the event.

A few interesting use cases. What will you dream up?

Case studies

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